You don't need to worry about data

We take care of collating, aggregating, and processing the latest available spatial data for the entire South Africa.

With 1map, you know you always have reliable data at your fingertips, it doesn't matter whether you are in Cape Town or Kakamas. If you don't believe us, why don't you log in and see for yourself?


Data catalogue

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1map hosts a massive library of spatial data for South Africa, with more than 800 different layers including the latest property boundaries, street addresses, contours, and much more.

We work closely with the official data custodians, supporting them to improve their data and distribute it to their end users efficiently and conveniently.

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Property boundaries

We update our cadastre every 24 hours

We update our erven cadastre every 24 hours directly from the SG, so you know that you are working with the latest available data.

With our built-in feedback tool, you can notify the relevant SG office of any errors so that they can fix it at source - improving the quality of our national data asset.


Title deeds management

Who is the owner?

1map integrates directly with title deeds vendors, so you can view your deeds information through your map interface. Contact us to learn more.

registered layer

Property lifecycle

Registered properties layer

With our integration to deeds data, we update the legal status of our property layers every week, differentiating between surveyed, registered, and archived.


National Address Database

Need reliable addresses?

The 1map NAD is meticulously researched and referenced to various independent sources, and is trusted throughout the world by companies with a need for stand-level accurate information.

Build your database on a solid foundation!

Contact us today to find out more about licencing South Africa's most up-to-date spatial dataset to serve as the foundation for your enterprise database.