Just plug it in

The powerful 1map API let's you include spatial functionality directly in your application as a component. You can even embed a map window in your application, giving your users a compelling image.

You don't have the time to waste on reinventing the wheel. Contact us to find out how you can integrate the power of GIS into your application without losing focus on what you do best.


Full-featured API

Potent Spatial Components

The 1map API allows you to add sophisticated spatial functionality and the latest spatial data to your application, without having to build or maintain any spatial database or modules. Let 1map take care of the maps, and you can focus on your area of expertise.

See our detailed API documentation.

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Embeddable maps

Keep it simple

You can embed a 1map viewer directly in your website or applications, so your users never need to leave your app to access interactive, dynamic maps. Not only can your users view the data, but they can interact and even edit it.


Business Intelligence

Boost your B.I.

Take your business intelligence analyses and reporting to the next level with spatial analyses! With 1map, you can integrate with your BI tool of choice to bring mapping to your dashboard.

1map works well with these and other leading BI tools:

Don't sweat the spatial!

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