The sustainable foundation for the Modern Smart City

1map puts your municipal data in context, allowing decision makers to see the full picture.

smart city

Innovative technology

Smart Cities need Smart Systems

1map is built on cutting edge technology, giving you access to the latest spatial data for any municipality in South Africa.
All the systems in the municipal ecosystem tie back to one map, a rock solid spatial foundation.

Fully Integrated System

Collaborate like never before

1map is the key that enables municipalities to integrate the various isolated systems in a new and dynamic way,
reducing duplication of work.increasing efficiency.improving governance.

data sync

Foundational data

Know Who Gets the Bill

1map ensures that municipalities have an always up-to-date list of all billable properties by keeping the Property Register, Deeds Database, Valuation Roll, and Registered Land Parcels in sync automatically, giving you comfort around completeness of revenue.


Data Visualisation

Visuals for Action, not just Reporting

With all your datasets tied to properties, 1map allows you to see your data, along with visual guides like heatmaps, rule-based styling, and filters.
1map helps users make sense of the data in their systems, transforming vast troves of data into usable visual information.

map of south africa

National Footprint

The latest data for every municipality

1map maintains the latest land parcels, aerial imagery, road centrelines and street addresses for the entire South Africa. This means that within minutes after you sign up for an account, you have access to everything you need, no matter where you are.

gis workstation

GIS as a Service

Everything you need for a world-class GIS department

No need for additional hardware, software, or even staff - your municipality can start benefitting from 1map once the first user has been registered!

1map is the perfect tool for your municipality.

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