1map Spatial Solutions (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2012 by Nic Klopper as a vehicle to provide South Africa with a nationally consistent online GIS (Geographic Information System) portal and street address data. The company is based in Wellington, South Africa.

1map was spawned from the GIS division of Quidity CC, a software development corporation founded by Nic in 1988. Quidity was involved in compiling the first national address database in 1992 in preparation to the 1994 elections in which it provided election management software to numerous local authorities throughout the country.

From the early days of election management, the main interest has remained Street Addressing and Geocoding. 1map has arguably one of the most reliable National Point Address Databases in South Africa, with the focus on accuracy and quality. 1map is also one of the only companies that do geocoding by using both automatic and operator based processes, and specialises in large jobs (the largest having been in excess of 360 million records).

Another main focus area is maintaining and developing 1map Online GIS to continue being South Africa’s favourite online GIS. 1map Online GIS currently boasts in excess of 10,200 registered users, growing daily, and remains one of the most reliable and easy to use online sources for spatial data in South Africa. During 2014, the company also launched 1map Mobile, a dynamic Android app that gives users viewing and editing access to the 1map Online GIS through their handheld devices.


It is our vision that spatial information should be freely available to all that can benefit from it. 1map strives to provide South Africa with a single, nationally consistent online repository for reliable spatial data to enable them to generate value in their industry.

1map is driven by the need to solve problems, and we believe that GIS is a crucial management and productivity tool for a vast range of applications. Every person lives in a physical world, and nearly everything we do has a spatial component. Therefore we believe that by utilising tools to map data in a GIS, we can significantly improve many business, and government processes.

GIS as a management tool will contribute towards improved efficiency, productivity, monitoring and ultimately job creation and poverty alleviation - we would like to be part of making it happen.


Owner Managed

1map is wholly owned by one person, who also serves as the CEO. This provides the company with exceptional continuity and stability, and also allows for long term strategy to take precedence over short term gains. This makes all the difference for companies looking for a stable and reliable spatial partner.

Locally Developed

1map has been developed in South Africa, over a number of years while working closely with many of the local GIS and property management industry. As such, it is tailored to specifically suit the South African, and broader African market. By developing and maintaining our software locally, 1map helps to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Commitment to Ethical Business

1map is committed to ethical business practice, and believes that by delivering a superior product that adds exceptional value, it is never necessary to pay bribes or participate in dishonest business dealings.

Exceptional Data and Software Quality

Nothing at 1map is done to be merely “good enough”. Staff are carefully selected for their commitment to excellence, and processes are engineered to offer maximum control over quality while achieving optimal efficiency and pleasant working conditions.

Open Source

The entire 1map Online GIS is developed using the latest in open source GIS technology. This has been done after extensive research and comparisons, and after deciding that of all solutions experimented with, it offers the best combination of scalability, performance and cost effectiveness.


1map is open to cooperation in order to achieve its vision, and as such has worked well with a number of different state departments, organizations, companies and individuals over the years. 1map also works very closely with Datasearch (Pty) Ltd, a vast data repository of in excess of 60 million consumer records, including historic data built up, cleaned and cross referenced over the course of 25 years. Through 1map, the database has been geocoded and spatially enabled. The partnership opens up tremendous potential value in the field of forensics, marketing, risk management, etc.