The only address API built with South Africa in mind

Get more customers as more addresses are found. Simply integrate your platform with our API that caters to every address type and language in South Africa.


The problem is...

  • South Africa hasthree different address systems:
  • - Street Numbers

    - Stand Numbers

    - House Numbers

  • Street names in South Africa are oftenmultilingual. For example, Church and Kerk or Loop Street and Loopstraat.
  • Street nameschange. Some residents adopt the new name while others still use the previous name.
  • International mapping platforms don't make provision for Stand or House Number addresses,excluding the majority of South Africa's population.
  • International platformsdon't cater to the multilingual nature of our addresses. This results in valid addresses not being found when the language the street name is carried in is incorrect.
  • Being unable to find a potential customer's addresscould lose you the sale.

Our Solution:

Test our AddressFinder below:

1map's AddressFinder consists of a map and search bar that uses 1map's powerful API to pinpoint your users' locations. Accurately pinpointed locations mean fewer potential customers are lost.

A user can use three ways to find their location:

  • Typing into the address search bar
  • By clicking on the geolocation button
  • By dragging to the correct location on the map

Try it out!

How it works