1map Online GIS

The 1map Online GIS boasts an extensive repository of South African spatial data, including aerial photography, erven cadaster, road centrelines, street addresses, contours, topographic maps, statistical census data, and more. Surveyor General diagrams and General Plans can also be accessed and downloaded via the map interface, and Google StreetView can be accessed as an auxiliary service from within the portal.

The portal includes various tools for interacting with the data, including being able to edit both spatial and attribute data online, measuring size and distance, and creating spatial objects such as points, lines and polygons with attribute data. Users can upload their own custom data as Shapefiles, and interact with their layers in the same way as they would with other 1map layers. The system allows users to then extract the data by either printing it to a pdf (up to A0 full colour), or by downloading the data as a Shapefile, DXF, KML, or TAB file to be used in desktop GIS or CAD software. There is also a powerful collaboration workflow tool built into the portal to allow users to share information with objects or areas on the map as reference.

Users are allocated roles and privileges, and therefore users can access both public data layers as well as private data that only authorized users can view or edit. This makes it the ideal tool for large organizations that want to share information and collaborate within the organization, but also wants to be able to make select data publically available.

1map API (Application Programming Interface)

The 1map Online GIS has been developed along with an extensive and thoroughly documented REST API, which allows for custom software integration with the spatial data and functionality within the 1map Online GIS. To read more about the available REST services, click here.

1map Mobile has been written almost entirely by drawing on the 1map API, as an example of what is possible.

1map Mobile Application

1map Mobile, is a native Android app that gives users access to many key features of the 1map Online GIS, and is specifically designed with the idea of fieldworkers needing access to the data in the field, but who also need to add or edit objects in the GIS while they are not in the office.

Users can view all data layers available Online, as well as their own private layers. Users can also create spatial point objects, and attach files such as photos, voice recordings, text memos, etc. to the objects, as well as assign and edit attribute data.

The data, once captured on the mobile device, then also immediately forms part of the 1map Online GIS database (as either public or private layers) for access via PC. Click here to download 1map Mobile for Android.

1map Address Cleaning

A massive problem in the current era of transitioning to big data and geo-enabled databases is the problem of address duplication and unusable addresses. 1map specialises in cleaning and structuring massive address databases as part of the process to geocode. A key advantage that 1map has are extensive synonym and translation databases that have been built up over many years. This drastically improves the efficiency of the initial automated batch process. What distinguishes 1map from most of the other players in the address cleaning and geocoding market, is the second manual process, where experienced operators work on specially developed software to manually clean the remaining addresses that couldn't be cleaned algorithmically. This two pronged approach leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness, and less duplicated or unusable addresses.

1map has also been involved in cleaning up the address databases of large municipalities, and running data quality audits and detailing exceptions to minimise undelivered accounts and maximise revenue.

To find out more, send us an email or give us a call.

1map Geocoding

1map has extensive experience in the realm of geocoding, and staff have been involved in pin point accurate geocoding of databases since 1992. This experience, coupled with specialised software, comprehensive address databases, and our highly efficient address cleaning system, means that 1map achieves geocoding rates that are unheard of in the industry. To find out more, send us an email or give us a call.

1map Consulting

The staff at 1map comprise highly skilled and experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, auditing, and software development, and have been involved in diverse projects ranging from document administration systems, bulk mail processing, municipal service delivery optimisation, and others. This means that 1map is able to assist companies or organizations requiring consulting services with regards to various projects that include a spatial component.

1map Data Licensing

The 1map National Point Address Database (1map NAD) is arguably the most reliable NAD currently available in South Africa in terms of accuracy and coverage. The main objective is to ensure that the data is as accurate as possible, to ensure that clients can rely on a 1map address where accuracy is critical. The 1map NAD also includes Road Centrelines. The 1map Road Centrelines have been mathematically calculated to be in the exact middle of the road reserve between two opposing erven. This means that the appearance of the 1map Road Centrelines are neat and visually pleasing.

Both the 1map NAD and Road Centreline are available to be licenced from 1map.